Future Events:

2nd/3rd May
Werrington HillClimb
10th May 2015 Treloy Sprint


11th Apr. 2015
Lands End Trial " 11/05/15 Land's End Trial

12th Oct. 2014
Tregrehan HillClimb 12/10/14 Tregrehan Hillclimb

28th Sept. 2014
The very first Treloy Sprint! Treloy Sprint

3nd August 2014
Castle HillClimb August 2014 Castle HillClimb

13th July 2014
Castle HillClimb - Review July 2014 Castle HillClimb

8th June 2014
Tregrehan HillClimb - "Just Bikes June 2014 Tregrehan HillClimb

8th June 2014
Tregrehan HillClimb - "Just cars" June 2014 Tregrehan HillClimb

8th June 2014
Tregrehan HillClimb June 2014 Tregrehan HillClimb

Easter Sat. 2014
Lands End Trial 2014 Land's End Trial

4th August 2013
Castle Hill Climb August 2013 Castle Hill Climb

14th July 2013
Castle Hill Climb

30th June, Classic Tour 2013 start ...

Classic Tour 2013
part 2 ...

More info ... Classic & Sports Tour of Cornwall


Welcome "One and All" to the Cornish Motorsport Site.
The "Cornish Motorsport" title is a generic term covering the informal Association of the Cornish Motor Clubs and Clubs who promote motor sport within the County!
Current participating Clubs are the five clubs shown.
Sponsors of the Cornish Speed Championship
Posted: 26/04/15 ...

4th April 2015 Treloy Sprint Video ...
Posted: 26/03/15 ...
Tregrehan Hill Climb 2015... Regs & Entry Forms
Regs and Entry forms for both Hill Climb events are available ... here

Posted: 16/03/15 ...

Cornish Speed Championship ... 2015 - First event of the year coming up...more
Posted: 27/10/14 ...

Cornish Speed Championship ... Final Results
Plus a video of the top 10 competitors in the Champonship
Castle Hill Climb - July Weekend ...
Damp on Saturday, But it all happened on Sunday's dry track!
This video is for the Marshals ...
12th/13th July - Castle Hill Climb Weekend ...
Entry List for Saturday 12th July ...
Entry List for Sunday 13th July ...
Posted: 29/06/14 ...
Sprinting in Cornwall again ... ?
12th/13th July - Camel Vale MC presents
Castle Hill Climb Weekend ...

Not long now to Camel Vale's first HillClimb weekend (12 & 13 July 2014).
Super venue ... Super event ... Make a date!
Regs for this year's HillClimbs:-
Entry form for July HillClimbs:-
29th July - Boconnoc Motorsport Carnival
A rally event with a difference!
To learn more ...     Video ...
Posted 10/06/14 ...
Tregrehan Hill Climb - Sunday 8th June 2014

Quick Review ... more to come
Popped down to Blue Hills last Saturday (19/04/14)
There was a bit of a do!

T'was The Land's End Trial my dears!
Posted 22/04/14 ... Tregrehan Hill Climb
For 2014 Truro & District Motor Club are running four speed hillclimbs at Tregrehan over two weekends, in June and October.
more ...
Camel Vale Motor Club
12 Car Rally - Friday 21st February 2014 ... more
2013 Classic Car Touring Assembly Photo Gallery
(With the backing of Camel Motor Club)
Organised by Roger, Shirley and Jemma Hoskin ...

Cornish Speed Championship
Final Results of the 2013 Cornish Speed Championship ... Tregrehan HillClimb
Newquay Auto Club
29/09/13 ... Portreath Sprint Review ... Portreath Sprint
Truro & District Motor Club
Auto Solo Results, 11th August 2013 ...
8/9 June Tregrehan Hill Climb Results ... Tregrehan HillClimb
Camel Vale Motor Club
Results: 3/4 August 2013
Castle HillClimb ... Castle HillClimb

Castle HillClimb Video,
14th July ... Castle HillClimb

Results - 13/14 July, Castle Hill Climb ... Castle HillClimb

Regs etc. 03/04 Aug. Castle Hill Climb ... Castle HillClimb
Plymouth Motor Club
Werrington Park ...
New tarmac ... great success! So was the whole weekend.
Results ... Werrington Hill Climb




South Hams Motor Club

Anyone can take part ... Boconnoc Motorsport Carnival
Boconnoc Motorsport Carnival
28th July 2013 ... Boconnoc Motorsport Carnival

Paddock images - Boconnoc 2012 ... Boconnoc Motorsport Carnival

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